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« Dell is shipping computers that come preinstalled with a digital certificate that makes it easy for attackers to cryptographically impersonate Google, Bank of America, and any other HTTPS-protected website (…) »

La requête Shodan permettant de les localiser :

« Le BSI, équivalent allemand de l’Anssi, a commandé un audit de sécurité portant sur Truecrypt. Les conclusions de celui-ci sont disponibles et selon les chercheurs, le bilan est nettement moins grave que prévu pour l’application de chiffrement (…) »

« There has been much speculation in the media about PlayStation 4 (PS4) game consoles being used in the recent Paris terrorist attacks (…) Instead I want to investigate the two quotes made by Jambon. First, does the PS4 encrypt communication in such a way that it is “the most difficult” to decrypt when compared with other communication services? Second, is the PS4 “ more difficult to track than WhatsApp”? (…) »

« With any given card, Kamkar found he could apply his trick and predict the full number of the next card they’d received (…) »

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