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« FireEye s’est penché sur la manière dont PowerShell, puissant outil d’administration, peut être détourné à des fins malveillantes. Une étude qui soulève la question de l’exposition des équipes d’exploitation aux menaces informatiques. »

« Rombertik is the name of a high sophisticated strain of malware spotted by the researcher of the Cisco Talos Team, it wipes hard drive to prevent analysis. »

« Le spécialiste de la vidéo à la demande Netflix a mis sur GitHub son outil de gestion d’alertes et d’incidents de sécurité, FIDO. Une décision qui s’inscrit dans la philosophie de la société en matière d’utilisation de logiciels issus du monde Open Source. »

« Las Vegas casinos are renowned for their stringent physical security. Security cameras and bouncers don’t necessarily discourage cyberattacks, however, and a major Vegas property disclosed this weekend that hackers had spent the past seven months stealing credit card data from its systems. »

« Earlier this year, it came to light that Lenovo’s laptops came installed with software called Superfish that could leave user data vulnerable. Now, researchers have found that Lenovo’s update system is flawed—and could allow criminals to run commands remotely on the hardware. »

« It’s the kind of vulnerability that’s tailor-made for infosec publicity: a brand of infusion pumps used to deliver drugs to patients in hospital has an open, unauthenticated Telnet port that allows an attacker access to the dosage database. »

« Russia and China signed a cyber-security deal on Friday, which experts say could firm up Russia’s ties with the east and may become a foundation for binding cyber security ties in the future. »